About Us

The Pioneer Story

Pioneer Water Tanks was born Western Australia in 1988, when John Penglase - an inventor and innovator - designed the modular steel liner tank. Since then Pioneer has worked with architects and engineers to develop our high strength 8-80 V-Lock® profile, using only the highest quality steel, and manufacturing all of our tank panels in house, to ensure the highest quality water tank.

Armed with a firm belief in the quality of the product, and a dedicated network of our people, Pioneer quickly became known for not only providing the best service, but also the best quality tanks, Pioneer quickly became the Number One big tank company in Australia.

What sets Pioneer Water Tanks apart from the rest?

At Pioneer we're serious about water tanks - after all, it's what we specialise in, and we're determined to provide the highest quality water tanks to the world.

All Pioneer Water Tanks are designed by our in house engineers and feature our detailed 8-80 V-Lock®  tank profile, and are all manufactured by us, from the highest quality BlueScope ZINCALUME® and COLORBOND® steel, to make the strongest tanks.

All of our tanks also feature our patent pending and industry leading AQUALINER Fresh® tank liner designed to keep your water fresher for longer. This water tank liner is the highest quality antimicrobial liner in the industry today and it’s the only one that incorporates the Sanitized® antimicrobial technology into a tank liner, meaning that your water stays fresher for longer.

Fresh water for all

As there is an ever increasing demand for water supply, we understand the importance of year round access to clean, fresh water. That's why our tanks are designed to meet and exceed all international requirements for drinking water, meaning you have the peace of mind that your water will stay fresher for longer.