Commercial Fire Tanks

Our comprehensive range of commercial tank sizes can meet most industrial needs and range from 12kL to 10Meg.

Pioneer -  Fire Water Tank Specialists

Pioneer Water Tanks can design, manufacture and install fire protection water tanks to meet AS2419 and AS2304 all over the world

Fire Fighting Water Storage Tanks

Do you need a storage tank that meets the specifications of your fire sprinkler's water storage? Are you working on a Fire Hydrant installation project and are in need of a water tank? Pioneer can help.


Pioneer Water Tanks provides and installs one of the most cost effective fire water tanks on the market today. All of our fire storage tanks are designed and engineered to be compliant with international standards.


Pioneer Specialises In Commercial Fire Tank Projects

When you choose Pioneer Water Tanks you will benefit in the following ways;

  • Best value fire water tanks to help you win the job

  • Easy management of your project.  No hassles. One single point of contact

  • Reliable manufacturing and delivery times. We are committed to our schedules and causing delays is not in our vocabulary

We know that fire hydrants are essential for fire protection, be it to control the spread of fire, or to assist in protecting neighbouring properties by extinguishing an further outbreak of fire. Typical fire protection systems include sprinklers, hydrants and extinguishers - either foam or gaseous. Fire hydrants are used by both the fire brigade and by trained personnel.


For a fire hydrant to be effective, a reliable source of water is crucial, which means typically fire protection systems require a fire tank either as a primary or as one of several water sources.


Fire Hydrants require regular inspection, testing and maintenance to ensure they are ready to perform their duty during a fire event.  If a pump has been installed in a fire water tank system, regular maintenance is essential.

Quality Fire Water Tank Design

At Pioneer Water Tanks, we design, manufacture and install high quality water storage tanks for all types of commercial specifications, supplying industries throughout Australia and overseas.

Fire Tanks

Pioneer Water Tanks can design, manufacture and install fire protection water tanks to meet AS2419 and AS2304 all over Australia, and the world. These criteria also meet or exceed most international standards. We are experts in water tank storage solutions for hydrant and sprinkler systems and we can manage your water tank project from start to finish. We have local tank installers around the country.

Mining Specialists 

At Pioneer we consider ourselves experts in the mining sector, with a wealth of experience in design, manufacture and installation of liquid storage solutions for Raw Water, Potable Water, Sewage, Dewatering applications and a variety of other applications.

You can also rely on us to maintain your liquid storage solution throughout its continued service life.


We provide turnkey water storage solutions for fire protection, rain and potable water, water treatment and waste water, mining, oil and gas, industrial, local government, utilities and tank liners through the provision of safe and efficient on-site tank construction and commissioning services.


Right from your first consultation, we are able to provide you with a complete commercial water storage solution. We can assist you with the design, production, site installation and commissioning of your water tank anywhere in Australia and the world.

Project Specialists

Pioneer Water Tanks is recognised as a leader in delivering large scale water storage infrastructure to some of the largest and most complex construction projects ever undertaken in Australia, and internationally. We have extensive proven experience in the LNG project sector and we follow this up with our ongoing Facilities Maintenance (FM) services on the water tanks in use by many of our large operational clients.

Our People

We provide customised water storage solutions to suit all types of applications. Our in-house engineers can design tanks to suit performance and design-life requirements for your water storage needs