Tank Size Requirements

  • For commercial size tanks, Pioneer Water Tanks requires a concrete ring beam foundation. Some exclusions apply. Please consult Pioneer Water Tanks for more details.
  • It is necessary to construct a level area three to four metres larger than the diameter of the ring beam. The sand inside the ring beam should be a depth of 100mm and compacted. At least one metre clear area is required all around the tank for construction.
  • Site preparation must be completed prior to the arrival of the installers.
  • For sloping sites, adequate retaining and drainage must be installed prior to completion of the tank construction. professional engineering advice should be sought on the retaining and drainage requirements.
  • Pioneer Water Tanks guidelines have to be met to prevent recharges for cost of additional remedial works that may be required. In the event our crew needs to stand down due to delays or incomplete site preparations, additional costs will be incurred by the client.
  • Tanks must be commissioned upon completion of construction as per Pioneer Water Tanks commissioning procedures. If your tank has not been commissioned, Pioneer Water Tanks must be consulted prior to the filling of the tank.

Site Requirements - Ring Beam Footing

Important Note: Ring beams can only be built from approved drawing issued by Pioneer Water Tanks.

Ring Beam Foundation Notes:

  • Ring beam sizes shown are suitable for areas that do not experience cyclonic/seismic conditions. Special designs are required for cyclonic/seismic areas.
  • It is very important for the client to ensure that foundation conditions are adequate. These are:
  1. safe bearing capacity shall equal or exceed 150kPa.
  2. the founding material shall be stable: landfill or active clay may be unsuitable.
  • Most sands and gravels that have been compacted to a reasonable level will be adequate provided there is stable soil beneath.
  • Should there be any doubt about the stability or strength of the foundation, site-specific professional engineering advice shall be sought by the client.
  • If the tank is likely to experience large settlements (eg: softer clay type sites) consideration shall be given to articulated connections for pipework.
  • In areas with corrosive soil conditions, special protective measures shall be used (eg: grade N40 concrete and all steel reinforcement galvanised).
  • For tanks taller than two rings, Pioneer Water Tanks utilise a jacking system to construct the tank, elevating it one ring at a time. For tanks larger than 900,000 litres, an additional support bracket is anchored to the vertical face of the ring beam. To ensure this system can be properly employed, it is essential that ring beam specifications are strictly adhered to and that no adjacent concrete is poured prior to jacking. Any unauthorized alterations may inhibit construction and could adversely affect installation of your tank.

Ring Beam Footing Drawing Sample