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In order to keep your family's water supply clean and fresh we recommend following our 8 step system in order to ensure the health of your water storage system. These steps don’t, however, take into consideration a gutter system directly installed on a water tank.  

We believe that gutter system on a water tank may not have provisions for you to flush debris off your tank roof before water enters the tank, and due to this Pioneer does nor recommend using a tank gutter system - as most people's water catchment area on their home and/ or shed is sufficient.

Pioneer Water Tanks is committed to providing you with solutions to maximise your water quality.


gutter of rainwater tank blocked
rainwater tank gutter with debris
dirty rainwater tank gutter


Pioneer water tanks fresh water step 1

Make sure that your rainwater tank has an antimicrobial tank liner. The AQUALINER FRESH® antimicrobial tank liner technology is exclusive to Pioneer Water Tanks, and actively works to not only prevent, but reduce bacteria, mould and algae, in order to keep your water fresher for longer.

second step in pioneer water tanks fresh water system

Ensure that any overhanging branches or potential places for birds to perch over your water tank  or water catchment area are removed. This will reduce the chances of your rainwater being contaminated.

third step in Pioneer water tanks fresh water system

Be sure to keep any gutters, down pipes and filter baskets clean and clear of leaves or any other debris. It is essential to regularly clean and maintain your catchment facilities.

fourth step Pioneer rainwater tanks fresh water system

Install mesh gutter guards on any gutters leading to your rainwater tank, and makes sure to affix leaf screens at the top of your down pipes in order to reduce the catchment of organic debris. If gutter guards are installed, be sure to maintain them regularly so as to prevent problems with your water quality.

pioneer watertanks fifth step in fresh water program

Installing a first-flush water diverter system diverts the first runoff from your catchment system away from your tank. This helps to flush and clean any dirt or other organic matter that may be picked up in the first rains away from your rainwater tank before you start harvesting clean water.

Pioneer water tanks step 6 fresh water system

Ensure that your tank has a good quality leaf filter basket and tight fitting lid installed, and maximise the number of inlet pipes that have leaf filter basket. Making sure these are covered ensures that sunlight doesn't enter the tank, which can lead to algae growth. Ask our team for more information. 

step 7 Pioneer rainwater tanks fresh water system

Each heavy and consistent rainfall period consider using your first flush diverter kit to flush your system and then direct good quality water to your tank.  Once the rain has finished don’t forget to open your first flush system again and let water out of the chamber.  Don’t let this water become stale and smelly and have it end up in your tank on the next rain event.

step 8 Pioneer rainwater tanks fresh water system

Tank gutters can bypass most of the screening components recommended in good quality rainwater harvesting systems. The water collected in a tank gutter bypasses the leaf diverters, first flush diverters and leaf filter baskets that are essential to maximising water quality.

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