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Great Rainwater Tank Prices With Awesome Value

The Best Price Guaranteed

Classic Corilok Water Tanks offer quality steel water tanks as your water storage solution, with an emphasis on providing the best price on the market, and real value.

We offer the best rain water tank prices available, whilst at the same time offering a high quality water storage solution.

Backed by 30 years of knowledge and experience, Classic Corilok Water Tanks offer a range of water tank sizes and prices.

If you are interested in our large water tanks prices, simply call us on 1300 461 893 and we'll share our water tank price list with you.

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Water Tank Prices

Are Cheaper Water Tanks Lesser Quality?

It's All About The Quality Of The Materials

Generally speaking, most people start their water tank purchase journey with a mindset aligned with looking for the cheapest rainwater tank, or trying to ascertain what company can provide cheap rainwater tanks so they can get the best deal possible.

Once this question has been answered the counterbalance that needs to align is that of quality. Acquiring a cheap water tank is fantastic, however if the quality is not there to deliver the result, then the cost over the longer term may be exponentially increased.

The perfect outcome is a cheap water tank where the quality of the product delivers the desired outcome. This is exactly the result that Classic Corilok Water Tanks has achieved.

Classic Corilok Water Tanks utilise Australian made Bluescope ® steel for the construction of the tanks sides, roof, as well as for the trusses, ensuring your tank performs well and stands the test of time.

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What Is The Best Rain Water Tank Price?

Rainwater Tank Prices Will Vary

The price of your water tank can vary, and will be dependant upon several personal considerations such as the volume of water you want to store, where your water storage solution will be situated, the level of food grade quality water you desire, and what tank pumps and accessories you will need, just to name a few. 

With over 30 years of knowledge to call upon, Classic Corilok Water Tanks are well placed to assist you through the entire decision making process, so you can achieve full transparency about what water tank price is realistic for your situation. 

Regardless of your need (we can assist with smaller as well as large water tanks prices), give us a call on 1300 461 893 and let us help you make the right choice. We'll share what tanks are available that best suit your needs, that can capture the desired amount of quality water. 


Are There Any Extra Costs With My Water Tank Purchase?

Water Tanks For Sale - What Else?

Once you have the cost of your water tank, you need to enquire if that is just the water tank price, or the fully installed price. The last thing you want is to be billed extra for hidden costs you were not aware of. 

Once you know the price of your water tank, you need to find out if there will be an extra cost in relation to travel time to get to your property. Classic Corilok have the power of a national dealer network who install our water tanks, so this cost to a fair extent has been mitigated, however at times it will still apply.

You need to also understand if your rain water tank price is for a standard zincalume finish, or if an extra cost is involved for a Colorbond ® option, as this is not standard.

Classic Corilok Water Tanks offer a choice of Colorbond ® finishes for customers looking for a higher quality finish.


What Does My Water Tank Price Include?

Your Water Tank Cost Includes...

With Your Classic Corilok Water Tank you receive the following fixtures and fittings within the rain water tank price: 

50mm diameter outlet valve utilised to draw water from your tank.

150mm diameter overflow down pipe: the largest overflow system on the Australian market. Its size moves excess water away from the tank quickly to effectively reduce pressure on your tank and avoid costly damage to your tank components. .

Sacrifical anodes. Our sacrificial magnesium anodes significantly extend the life of your water tank by protecting the tank from corrosion. Made from magnesium, the anodes erode in place of the water tank, thereby protecting the steel and allowing the tank to live longer and stronger. We recommend your anodes be replaced every 10 years so you can enjoy the benefits of your tank for life.

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