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Our Rain Water Tank Sizes

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Backed by 30 years of knowledge, and constructed from quality Bluescope ® steel, Classic Corilok Water Tanks are available in a Zincalume ® or Colorbond ® finish.

Classic Corilok Water Tanks offer quality steel water tanks from 53,277 litres (11,719 Gallons) up to 240,212 litres (52,839 Gallons).

Personal variables will dictate the most suitable water tank size, however we've provided some information below that may assist in your decision making process.

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Factors To Consider When Choosing Your Water Tank Size

How Much Rain Water Can You Catch?

Water Storage Starts With Catchment

Your catchment (how much water you can catch) can be determined by multiplying the surface area of the roof you intend to catch water with by the average rainfall of your area.

For example, if you roof area is 300m2, and your annual rainfall is 450mm, then your annual average catchment, which for this example would be 135,000 litres. 

In this instance we would recommend the CC140 steel water tank (140,565 litre capacity) as we believe it's better to have more than less water.

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How Much Water Will You Consume?

Water Usage For Personal Use

On average, we consume 30,000 litres of water per person within the household. As such for a household with 4 people would consume 120,000 litres of water and at the minimum would need the Classic Corilok CC140 steel water tank (140,565 litre capacity), as once again it's best to have more water than to run out.

Once you've worked out your potential catchment volume, as well as your anticipated usage level, you can make a more informed decision as the the size of the water tank. We recommend going for the water tank that allows you the opportunity to catch more water than you may need, as you are never going to regret having more water storage. 

The numbers advised above are based on normal house consumption only. They don't take into consideration other water usage applications such as dishwasher, washing machines, or irrigation.

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Water Tank Sizing For Irrigation

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Generally speaking, dam water is an unlimited supply and your water tank is simply a holding vessel to allow the irrigation process to take place. 

The optimal size of a water tank in these circumstances will be dependant upon different variables such as water source, availability of water, the number of sprinklers, and irrigation duration. 

It is optimal for your water tank to be of a size whereby it can adequately meet your desired irrigation volume with plenty to spare. A point to note is that if you cycle your water tank frequently (ie empty the tank, then refill it again), then this high volume of water may cause extra stress on your tank liner and fittings. In these instances it may be better to have your inlet at the bottom of the water tank to minimise this stress.

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Unsure What Water Tank Size Best Suits You?

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Our team have been involved in the water tank industry for the last 30 years. This is what we do. If you are unsure about anything, or simply need to bounce some ideas off someone who has been there and done that, just give us a call on 1300 461893 and we'll be there to steer you in the right direction. 

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